Volunteer today for a better tomorrow..
Require the following skills:
Ability to teach adults beginners English course and Maths.
Ability to interact with students patiently.
Ability to handle stress and create a quality friendship between student and teacher.
Experience is an advantage however is not required; you will be giving materials and will get support from other teachers.
If you don't mind the environment and our limited sleeping quarters for teachers then you are welcome to join us.

Please note:

We provide little stipends money /gift for compensation as we depend on donations and volunteers to help these women and at the moment we are poorly funded, thank your for understanding. 

Send us mail if you are interested to join this amazing experience.
The future of these poor women depends on extending our educational assistance to both adults and young people as this will make them self reliant. IIMAC believes that women who are lacking educational opportunities are trapped permanently in poverty. Without jobs or skills to generate income, many people have migrated from the rural farming communities to the cities in search.  Unfortunately, many of these people fail to find work and are forced to exist on the streets as beggars some end up being used for sex worker or drug trafficking.
We constructed the adult Skills Training Center to give individuals the opportunity to learn new trades in order to generate income.  
The training programs help to prepare the young adults to become employable and self-reliant.  We believe this will result in better care for their families, as well as pass their skills on to enrich their families for generations to come. 
In addition to learning valuable trades, every individual enrolled in our Skills Enhancement Program must learn basic reading skills and arithmetic.  We hope that this knowledge will enable women to survive and thrive in the business world. 
2. Women's Program:
Many women are the sole provider for their children.  Our training programs are teaching women to have marketable skills that will enable them to generate an income.  Currently, we enroll women at our Skills Training Center.  They will be learning the following skills:
  •  Basket weaving 
  •  Cotton Spinning
  •  Embroidery
  •  Jewelry Making
  • English Language
  • Beauty 
  • Fashion and designing 
3.IIMAC Free Education Program Location 
         Lagos Nigeria West Africa.
 Volunteer Program Duration 
5-8 weeks, 7-12 months 

Typical Duration of Program 
7-12 months

inquire for specific dates
The mission of IIMAC  is to give individuals the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to international education in developing nations. Summer teaching opportunities, long-term and semester-long opportunities are available. Summer positions are available in Cambodia and Nigeria and  will soon be available in South Africa,United kingdom,Canada,France  teaching English, studying the language and engaging in cross-cultural activities. 
For the summer programs, volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and fluent in English. For the year-long programs, volunteers must have a bachelor's degree and be from any country.
Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
Cost in US$:
Depends on the program
Cost Includes:Emergency evacuation services
In-country orientation/Training
In-country staff supports
International travel
Language instruction
Living stipend
Medical insurance
Pre-departure orientation/Training
Written materials abroad
Written materials pre-departure
Program Fees Include:
Several IIMAC programs self funded and supported by volunteers. However, the schools that most need educators cannot afford to cover all of the costs associated with training, travel, insurance, and other expenses related to placing a teacher overseas. Because  International Initiative For Mother And Child Nonprofit (IIMAC)  receives no income from government grants or an endowment, we ask each volunteer to contribute or fundraise the cost of their placement and training in these countries, while the host community provides housing and a small stipend to support you during your service.
By requesting that volunteers help fund their service overseas, IIMAC is able to provide volunteer educators to local communities that would not otherwise be able to afford qualified teachers .The majority of our volunteers end up fundraising at least some portion of their program cost.
Room and board for all volunteers & year-long volunteers also receive a living stipend from the institution where they are teaching. Experience Required
Volunteer Types
Adult Education
English Teaching
Health Education
Primary Education
Public Education
Secondary Education
Skill Training
Age Range
Volunteers must be 18 for summer programs, and have a BA degree for year-long programs
Typical Living Arrangements
Participants Travel
In Groups
Typically Participants Work
Application Process Involves
Must participate in country NGO

Letters of Reference
In-Person Interview when Feasible
Physical Exam/Health Records
Written Application

Registration is a must
Typically The Application Process Time is
1-2 weeks
Post Services Include
Alumni Network
Exit Debriefing Abroad
International Initiative For Mother And Child Nonprofit (IIMACMission Statement
Our Mission is to establish a medium which will help us completely curb and eradicate poverty in women by education women on ways to survive in their home country thus playing a role in creating a stronger economy.  International Initiative For Mother And Child Nonprofit (IIMAC)  is anchored with the United Nation Millennium Development Goal by promoting women rights, gender equality and empowering women who are poor illegal immigrant which will contribute to achieving all the other goals, from reducing poverty and hunger to saving children’s lives, improving maternal health of illegal women and children ,ensuring free education , combating illegal immigrant of  sex and drug traffickers victimization, and ensuring environmental sustainability by providing means of livelihood for the migrants including financial and skilled training support that will enable them go back home as established individuals.`